Monday, October 24, 2011

Being Naked

We all will agree that being naked can be fun. I spent most of my toddler years running around the back yard in my skin playsuit and then my adult years running around looking for reasons to.
We all react different to nature’s freedom and I guess it’s “to each his own.” Being naked at a college frat party is different than being naked at your doctor’s office. Over-exposed on a nude beach in Jamaica just ain’t the same thing as being bare-ass in the changing room at Wal-Mart.
Our hairy ancestors thought nothing of the condition and it took the Ice-age to finally get us to put on a bison overcoat. (For creationist….see Genesis) Clothing evolved beyond necessity to become a statement. Status as a nobleman or ladyship or just well to do merchants. Clothes became our hallmark of success.
It was not until the “hippie” revolution that naked came into vogue once again. Stoned post-pubescent kids with nude painted bodies, dancing around in a smoke hazed nirvana protesting the war in Nam and the “man” in general. Skin good….uniform bad!
Well, like all things in life, time marches on. Your courting rituals required abundant nudiosity which eventually ended in marriage with routine schedules of disrobing about three times a week. More years pass and soon you find out that nudity is regulated by strict laws…..the first law being lewd and lascivious acts and the second is Isaac Newton's law of gravity. Your body now transforms to a different state of matter in that no matter what you do, you can’t stop the avalanche of skin and flab.
Now, at my age, being in the all together as nature first presented us, solicits me with more pity than revulsion. If I forget to get dress when I take out the trash early in the morning, I get comments like “poor old guy” from my neighbors or maybe “see Ralph, you want to look like him in a few years?” Wifey runs out with my bathrobe and escorts me back to my recliner.
At this twilight stage of my life, I do have one solitary advantage……I can once again run around in the back yard in my skin playsuit and nobody cares…….six foot privacy fence helps.


  1. Your blog reminds me of the Allan Sherman song 'Skin'.
    "You've gotta have skin. All you really need is skin..."