Friday, October 28, 2011


   I was looking in my Bible the other day for paradoxes and when I opened it up I noticed on the first page this statement;

'All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced in any manner without permission in writing from the Publisher.'

Do they mean God or some schmuck in the legal department of this printing company? Who do these people pay the royalties to? Oh crap!!….that’s another paradox!
We live in a world of swarming, irritating, stinging paradoxes.
One of many definitions is:…..A supposition that if one of two simultaneous assumptions leads to a contradiction, the other assumption is also disproved and leads to paradoxical consequences. This one almost made my brain bleed.
Marriage is full of paradoxes like she will always assume I’m wrong and I will always assume that she knows I’m always right. My head is starting to thump now. Anyway, we are surrounded by paradoxes everyday. Many of them you will find on this blog site in regards to intellect and moronism.
Also, politics is like a massive Petri dish squirming with paradoxes when it comes to legislation and bureaucracies……the left hand investigating what the right hand is doing.
The one paradox that sticks out in my mind from when I was young was what my Mom used to tell me…….”Don't go near the water till you have learned how to swim.”


  1. how about this paradox? If you drop dead on me I'll kill you. This is what I said to my husband the other day when we were discussing his newly found / most likely from birth Heart Failure.

    This post made laugh. I loved the paradox on the husband and wife. Just to let you know ~ she knows your wrong all the time but she loves you very much anyway.

    Joining your blog ~ THANKS so much for joining mine. Also, I read your profile. It's just great!

  2. I believe you've stumbled upon something here. Paradoxes may well be the fuel for intellect! I really enjoy your blog.